Some Thoughts on our Mock-Printz Books

Not sold on the books just yet? Here’s what we had to say about four on our reading list!

Scythe Neal Shusterman

“This book deals with morality and the problems that arise when it is taken away.”—Matt  

“Despite the exciting plot, the mind blowing setting and the world building, the author still gave us time to get to know the characters….two people that I could really root for.”—Krista

“It does the futuristic world building that’s almost entirely believable (except for the whole space thing) while keeping me entertained with an actual plot and fascinating characters.”– Elizabeth


Vassa in the Night Sarah Porter

“This book is an amalgamation of Russian folklore in modern day Brooklyn. The language is beautiful and the characters are intriguing.  The magical revision of this book captured me from the first page.”—Emma

“Intriguing…everything is a character in a way that is amazing.” –Ashleigh


The Boy at the Top of the Mountain John Boyne

“This story feels very real and shows you how a person can be sucked into ideas.” –William

“This book puts you in a boy’s shoes as he becomes a tiny Hitler monster.”—Byron

“I really loved the plot and the setting. It shows Pierrot’s fall into Nazi beliefs in such a way that it’s scary to think he’s only a child for most of the book.” –Ashleigh

“The downward spiral of how the main character becomes Hitler’s little buddy is terrifying …” –Elizabeth


Spontaneous Aaron Starmer

“It does the teenager thing in a way that’s entirely accurate to the inner workings of a teenager’s head along with the most fascinating, semi-realistic plot I’ve read in a while.” –Elizabeth

“The teen voice in this book is its strongest aspect. As teenagers start exploding in a small town, the emotions that run through the characters are the same that would run through mine.”–Emma


If you need us, we’ll be reading…


–The Eva Perry Mock-Printz Club