Poser, by Sue Wyshynski

Summary:  Eager to make friends when her family moves to California in the middle of her tenth-grade year, Tallulah lies about being an expert surfer which, when she is found out, ruins her reputation and her only option is to make the lie true. Walker

The Poison Eaters and Other Stories, by Holly Black

Summary: A girl wagers her soul in a sour-gummy-frog-eating contest with the devil. Love and a homemade coat rescue a boy from his fairyland jailers. A newly bitten teenage vampire uses the Internet to show the world just how uncool the “cold” life is. In this collection of stories, the supernatural intersects with everyday life in surprising and dangerous ways. Big Mouth House

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Jump, by Elisa Carbone

Summary: A totally wild, crazy jump from a restrictive life with her family into a life of total adventure–rock-climbing out west with a guy she barely knows. At first, everything’s amazing. Not only are they climbing in awesomely beautiful national parks like Yosemite but they seem awesomely made for one another. P.K. is in heaven. And then the cops show up with an arrest warrant. And P.K. has to decide who to believe: this amazing guy whom she trusts with her life–or the cops, who want her to believe that he may take her life. Viking.

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