Mock Printz Winner 2013

After delaying the meeting twice due to weather, the Eva Perry Mock Printz Book Club met for their final decision on what books published in 2012 would be the Mock Printz winners. After much lively discussion, we had our final vote.

railseaThe winner is Railsea by China Mieville

Things cited about this books were its fantastic, unique setting, and the gorgeous writing of Mieville.  People also loved how, despite the fact that the setting is archaic and foreign, Mieville puts you right in the middle, so that you are experiencing things as the characters might.  The people in this world don’t know what we know about trains and helicopters, etc.  Mieville also creates new words in the English language, which is what will happen in the future, when this books is set.

We selected two Honor books:  Code Name Verity by Elizabeth Wein and The Children and the Wolves by Adam Rapp.

verityFor Code Name Verity, the group loved the characters in this book, two very different girls with a strong bond of friendship.  We also liked how the narrator was unreliable, and we didn’t know what the truth was until the very end of the book, and maybe we never will know the full truth about Verity.  The theme was carried through the book in all sorts of ways you didn’t realize.

Children of the wolvesChildren and the Wolves was probably the most controversial book in the club.  The content is horrific.  There isn’t a hero, and whether or not Wiggins is even a sympathetic narrator was up for debate.  The writing was condensed.  At times, there was even discussion of “is there a theme?” and if that matters for a book.  It was hotly debated.  In the end, what we could all agree on, was that this book was unique and we know that Printz is famous for giving edgy books a shot.

What a year.  What were your picks, and are you ready to hear the official winners tomorrow?


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