Drowning Instinct, by Lisa J Bick

Summary:  An emotionally damaged sixteen-year-old girl begins a relationship with a deeply troubled older man.





  1. This book made me believe that love between a teacher and a student might possibly exist. It was very emotionally driven and the way that it was told was ingenious. My favorite part was how it ended because it was so like the character and yet I didn’t really see it coming. It was nice to end reading it with a smile on my face.

  2. I think the most notable characteristic of this book was the suspense pushing the reader to keep reading. While the writing could be considered lackluster, the events are improbable but believable. The character’s point of view is a monologue of sorts because she is speaking into a tape recorder. The author leaves readers in the dark about what has happened and then reveals the plot through her character. While I found the character’s life to be mostly horrifying, I did manage to identify with her mindset. The book was sickening to the point of gripping and yet the end manages to provide the reader hope for the future of the character.

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