Getting Down To It…

In our Dec. 30 meeting, 27 teens met to discuss this year’s books!  Jan. 13 will be Decision Night, so this time was very important.

Brian says that Every You, Every Me is AMAZING.  Several others concur, including April.  She did NOT want to put this book down.  Sleep deprivation ensued because of this book.

Morgan is supporting The Floating Islands.  She appreciates the writing.

Olivia said she would “marry this book” – talking about My Unfair Godmother.  As a Printz contender, well, we’ll see.

Ezra says that The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making is very well written.

Renee (and others) says that A Monster Calls is definitely an award winner.

Layne gave quite the recommendation for The Girl of Fire and Thorns.  She loves the strong female main character development and appreciates that the romantic element is not the focus of the book, but believable.  Yes, Layne, we know how you feel about weak female characters who live for romance.

Other discussion took up the rest of our 2 hours, with several titles being sent to the “chair of shame,” eliminated from our full cart of books still to be read.

So — what say YOU?  Which titles have we missed this year?


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