Invitation to Bookhenge from NC State’s Dr. Crissman

Everyone’s invited to the Bookhenge on Monday night (Sept. 12) from 7 to 8 to watch the screening of bookcasts created by our teachers and teachers-to-be in ECI 521, Teaching Literature for Young Adults. The bookcasts (video responses) will feature the Eva Perry Short List for 2012 and some books from the 2011 list. Here’s a lovely and magical example: by Ashley about Valente’s The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making.

To participate — join us in the Bookhenge via UStream or Second Life. Here’s the UStream address — and the Second Life address is (will open SL browser if you have it installed on your machine). Want to learn about Second Life? Just let me know and I’ll have you up and flying in no time 😉

Our class is very grateful for all the hard work the Eva Perry Mock Printz Club does. You make a huge contribution to our class, and ultimately to millions of middle and high school students. Yes, millions. I’m counting the students and those who become English teachers and their students and those who become English teachers . . . not to mention just those students who actually learn that they enjoy reading and keep it up lifelong because their teachers shared YA lit.


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