Heist Society, by Ally Carter

Summary: A group of teenagers uses their combined talents to re-steal several priceless paintings and save fifteen-year-old Kat Bishop’s father, himself an international art thief, from a vengeful collector. 287 pgs. Hyperion

Find it at WCPL

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  1. I felt this book, while fun, left a little to be desired. I thought that the book spent to much time introducing the characters and not enough time on the actual heist. I also strongly disliked the ending, it seemed to me as if the author(who I like quite a bit) wanted to set up a sequel but still have her character keep the moral high-ground. I don’t feel it worked very well, in fact I thought it was more than a little contrived.

    On the other hand this book was a fun heist book, and I love heist books and movies(as does the author I think judging by some of the references in this book). The characters were likable and the writing was good(but nothing to write home about). I would recommend this book but I would not vote for it for any award.

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