Green Witch by Alice Hoffman

Summary:  A year after her world was nearly destroyed, sixteen-year-old Green has become the one villagers turn to for aid, especially to record their stories, but Green will need the help of other women who, like herself, are believed to be witches if she is to find her best friend and her one true love.  Scholastic Press.

Find it at WCPL



  1. I read Green Angel by this author a really long time ago when I was in middle school. I absolutely loved it! I couldn’t get enough of it. When I saw this book on the shelf I nearly convulsed and foamed at the mouth, I was that excited. When I read it, it met my expectations. This author has such a wonderful way of writing. It’s very surreal and it’s a weird combination of reality and fantasy. To me its’ really hard to tell the difference and I really like that. The story starts off a little slow, but it’s re-capping the last book, so that’s okay. I really really like how it turns out and the imagery and ah! It’s just amazing read. Printz winner, no, it’s a fun book. 😀 Definitely recommend it if you want to read a really cute short little book 😀

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