Malice by Chris Wooding

maliceSummary:  Three kids get trapped in the world of a deadly comic book in this middle-grade thriller from Chris Wooding.




  1. I loved this book. The story is extremely cool and I liked how it was done in both comic and novel form. It reaffirmed my status as a Chris Wooding fan. The writing was better than average though not stellar and the book can in no way stand on it’s own, as it didn’t really come together at the end. However I would highly recommend it, as it is a good, fun, quick read and definitely worthy of a Teens Top Ten nomination.

  2. OH man this book was flipping amazing. I expect nothing better from Chris Wooding then this. I really love how he combined comic with a story. He kinda has the idea of inkheart going on in this. The characters are amazing. The plot is totally there. I can’t wait for the next book in this series to come out!! I personally still voted this for printz because there hasn’t been that many books that have been as good as this, this year.

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