Soul Enchilada by David Gill

soul enchiladaSummary:  When, after a demon appears to repossess her car, she discovers that both the car and her soul were given as collateral in a deal made with the Devil by her irascible grandfather, eighteen-year-old Bug Smoot, given two-days’ grace, tries to find ways to outsmart the Devil and his minions.

Greenwillow Books

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  1. I can’t say that I really enjoyed this book, however the reason for it does the book credit. Bug has a very true voice and a very real one. She got on my nerves though, we would NOT be friends if she were real. Anyway, the plot was also very interesting and unique, I’ve never read anything like it and it was really interesting how the “Devil and his minions” are shown in our world in such a manner as to make it so this *could* be real without us knowing it. I don’t think that it’s a Printz winner, but I would recommend people give it a try, because if you get along with Bug even a bit better than me, then this book will be extremely fun.

  2. The voice of Bug is extremely real. I really enjoyed the plot in this, and the cover is just amusing. This was a quick easy read. Maybe not printz award winner but it could definitely be a teen’s top ten. This definitely has a unique view to it, and the idea behind it is really cool. I do look forward to Mr. Gills’ next book

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