City of Screams, by John Brindley

city of screams_Summary:  This is the story of Phoenix, earthbound and to her own mind deformed, but who is in love with the image of perfection, the air Agle, Gabriel. What will she risk to be with him? The stakes are high: a delicate balance has been formed between the rodents, raptors and Agles in the rebuilt city. Is Phoenix willing to jeopardise their safety? What chance does she have when the Adults return, claiming civilisation for themselves once and for all.



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  1. The cover portrayed here is different then the one I have. I don’t know which one I like better. The one above looks lighter, the one i have looks darker. Anywhos. This book, wow. It made me angry. I felt like the author was really preaching against religion and was trying to point towards environmentalism. The best part of the book was like the last 10 pages. I was so happy when this ended. I really had to push my self through this. I think the author did an excellent job making me hate the adults and Genome, but he may of pushed it too far. So, would I recommend this book to others, probably not.

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