After the Moment, by Garret Freymann-Weyr

after the momentSummary:  When seventeen-year-old Leigh changes high schools his senior year to help his stepsister, he finds himself falling in love with her emotional disturbed friend, although he is still attached to a girl back home.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt



  1. Just finished this book a day ago. I say this is a pretty complicated and deep book. I really like the characters. The ones that you meet are really deep and complex. The plot is also awesome. It has a lot of stuff weaved into it. Will this win the printz award? It’s possible, it’s really unique and deep. Is this a teen top ten book though? No, not really. I can’t see that just any teen picking this up will enjoy this.
    Also, the cover irks me. It looks like she’s pregnant, but she’s not. SHE’S ANOREXIC!

  2. Ditto Nicole on the cover and the teen top ten thing. That really bothered me. I liked how many problems there were in this book without it being overwhelming and I liked certain aspects of the characters. Some things about the main character bothered me though, like he stated his opinion on things and didn’t explain why, and sometimes his behavior was erratic, when it didn’t suit the situation. I would say this was a good book. Unfortunately I don’t see it as a Printz book because the writing style itself couldn’t pull me in.

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