The Demon’s Lexicon by Sarah Brennan

demons-lexicon_140Summary: Sixteen-year-old Nick and his family have battled magicians and demons for most of his life, but when his brother, Alan, is marked for death while helping new friends Jamie and Mae, Nick’s determination to save Alan leads him to uncover a devastating secret.

322 pages, McElderry Books


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  1. i thought this book was a fun read, and the characters made me laugh from time to time. the basics of the plot has definitively been done before, in the sense that one sibling is in danger while another has to save him, all the while battling foes and a crazy mother. i liked the take on magic in the book, and Alan was my favorite character. i think that the characters were a bit flat and one dimensional, and the main Nick was not as complex as a 16 year old boy would be. all he thought about was being angry, he never expressed any other emotion. if the characters had been more rounded i think i would have liked the book better.

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