Entr@pment by Michael Spooner

entrpment24_1401Summary: Two teenage girls assume false identities online in order to test the fidelity of their boyfriends. Told in the form of chat room communications.

307 pages, McElderry Books


1 Comment

  1. I found this book very difficult to read. The chatroom format was heavy on the chatspeak which while I suppose realistic for the characters personalities was very challenging for me to read as someone who avoids using chatspeak even in chatrooms. I’ve always felt that online chatting doesn’t make sense unless you really know the person you’re talking to, and this was a problem for me as far as keeping the characters straight at the beginning of the book. I definitely don’t see it being an award-winner because of that, but I will be recommending it to my cousin who does enjoy books written this way.

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