Toby Alone by Timothee De Fombelle

toby-aloneSummary: Having driven Johnny Joe off in her grief at Granny’s death, Toby, now 14, resolves to win him back. Sequel to “Toby, Granny, and George.”

117 pages, Doubleday


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  1. I finally got around to reading this book. It’s been sitting on my floor waiting for me. This was a decent read. Not an award winner, or a teen’s top ten, but a good book. I think it may have political/environmental undertones, but that may just be me reading into it. The writing was choppy and very youngish, but it was translated from French? I think. Also, I felt very distant from the character, which is unusual for me. I think it’s because of the writing, and how it was more of a third person point of view. Either way, this is a decent read. There are better and worse books out there.

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