Taken by Storm by Angela Morrison

taken-by-storm-pdvwl__sl160_Summary:  When Michael, a deep sea diver whose parents have just died in a hurricane, arrives in town, Leesie, a devout Mormon, falls in love with him as she tries to help him overcome his grief, and then they must see if they can reconcile their very different beliefs.




  1. This book is fantastic. The well written conflict between faith and romance made me love Leesie, partly because she felt so real. This is certainly not just another teenage romance, it has substance and the characters have a real decision to make and there isn’t necessarily going to be a happy ending. It may not be an award winner because some parts of the writing were choppy, but it is definitely a good read and worth Teen’s Top Ten.

  2. I liked the conflict as Anna said, but Micheal just pissed me off. He was such a jerk, and some other well chosen words that I can’t mention. I hated him. He was being terrible to Leesie? Though, in that self is showing a realistic relationship. Still, it frustrated me how ridiculous he was, and how the girl just dealt with it. Anyways, a good read for sure. But not a teen top ten. Most girls want to read about prince charming, not prince charming as a major prick.

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