School for Dangerous Girls by Eliot Schrefer

school-for-dangerous-girls-sl160_Summary:  Sent to a remote, run-down reform school in Colorado, fifteen-year-old Angela is placed with the better girls, but upon learning that her “dangerous” friends are being isolated and left to live as animals, she takes radical steps to join them and help them escape.

341 pages, Scholastic



  1. This book was interesting and while the idea of an alternative boarding school for troubled teens actually being abusive isn’t new, the one in this book takes it to a whole new level. While that was enough to make the book interesting the characters were flat and the struggle to getthe school found out was surprisingly boring to read about. I wish I could give it a thumbs up but it’s a no go.

  2. This book was alright, I think they could of done a lot more with this book and idea. In the beginning I really hated the leaders of the school, but as I got through the book it became meh, only alright. I finished it because, well I finish books. It’s a good idea, but not well done.

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