Enclave by Kit Reed


366 pages, Tor Publishers



  1. This book had an absolutely addicting writing style and was interesting in that it had several different characters narrate. I couldn’t stop reading it. However I was very disappointed in that it was a mystery type story in which you never found out what exactly was going on. The setting was what made this book unique really.

  2. the cover shown above is much cooler then the cover on my book.
    that besides. this book was rather boring until the last maybe 10 pages. It took me ridiculously long to read, and I had to FORCE myself to read it. Some of the characters were cool. I really liked the drunk doctor. He was pretty cool. But otherwise, this was just too dry for me. Oh, and the ending was kinda confusing. I wish the other explained what exactly happened at the ending, and what the Sarge was REALLY trying to do with those kids

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