Imaginary Enemy by Julie Gonzalez

imaginary-enemy1Summary: Although her impetuous behavior, smart-mouthed comments, and slacker ways have landed her in trouble over the years, sixteen-year-old Jane has always put the blame on her “imaginary enemy,” until a new development forces her to decide whether or not to assume responsibility for her actions. 241 p., Delacorte Press.

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  1. WOOOO!!!! I freaking love this book beyond belief!!! I love love love it. I want my own copy of it! I’m really glad I picked this up at the last meeting. I love the characters in it! I love the little side stories! Everything play out really well. This book got me up and screaming and talking to it. It has to be a good book when it gets a response out of you. When I finished the book I definitely screamed some and jumped around!! I’m probably going to tell everyone I come across to read this book. Everything is just amazing. Honestly. They took a normally pink story and turned it into something pretty amazing!! READ THIS!

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