How to Build a House by Dana Reinhardt

Summary: Seventeen-year-old Harper Evans hopes to escape the effects of her father’s divorce on her family and friendships by volunteering her summer to build a house in a small Tennessee town devastated by a tornado. 227 p., Wendy Lamb Books.

Find it at WCPL



  1. This book is was good. I like the concept and everything about it. But it’s not really a book I would jump up and down about. I loved the characters and everything in it, but it still had some of the predicitable sameness to it. There wasn’t a unique style or anything in this. Also, the home, and here parts were sort of annoying. I really didn’t care about the home part, though that’s was what the story mainly consisted of. I would only give this a fun read.

  2. This book was interesting enough. I read it without getting bored, but I found the narrator to be inconsistant at times in her opinions, and had trouble understanding why all her decisions were such epiphanies. I liked it, but wouldn’t recommend it to a friend.

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